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Strategic Planning Implementation Work Group
Next Steps

Progress to Date
The Strategic Planning Implementation Work Group (SPI-WG) has completed its first phase for 2017-18.  As previously discussed in the December Courier, the Work Group completed the interviewing process for architectural/design firms and have forwarded on their recommendations to the Board of Directors.  Following the January Board of Directors meeting, the Board will meet in Executive Session with the selected firm to discuss a contract and scope of work.

Next Steps
Next on the agenda, is planning to address the Creative Arts/Kiln room and the Fitness Center locker rooms needs, which were approved by the Board in July 2017. This planning process will begin with SPI WG members contacting the presidents of the various clubs that have assigned space in the Lodge Complex to identify potential members for resident focus groups.  Meetings will also be held with Department Managers/staff to identify space needs.

There are several other improvements in the Strategic Plan and these will be addressed by the SPI-WG as funds become available through accumulation of the Special Use Fee (SUF) which became effective October 1, 2017.  It is important to realize that the Strategic Plan will take about 8 to 10 years to fully implement as funds will need to accumulate to initiate any construction.  Planning and implementation of the various components of the Strategic Plan may be changed by future Boards or they may be moved forward based on approval by the Board.  Moving forward, individual elements of the Strategic Plan may be dropped or added by future Boards and these actions will also need to be Board approved.

Purpose of Space Utilization Study
The purpose of the space utilization study is to identify how all space is utilized, is the current space being utilized effectively and how/where might additional pockets of space be identified/developed. The space utilization study will evaluate staff work space needs/requirements and identify constraints that impede ordinary productivity/efficiency that impacts assigned work activities. Input and findings received from resident focus groups and department manager/staff will be provided to the architectural/design team to be incorporated into the space utilization study.

Purpose and Role of Resident Focus Groups and Department Managers
The purpose for resident focus groups is to hear realistic specific input about needs in their assigned activities and space. Meetings are anticipated to last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Focus Groups will consist of approximately 10 people to allow for full input. It will be helpful to hear what works, what doesn’t work; what are critical needs for the functions taking place. It will be important to keep in mind that not all ideas may be implemented due to space limitations and that creative ideas for space utilization or reassignment will be discussed. We are encouraging residents to come prepared to discuss such items as safety, storage space, work space, lighting, electrical outlets, fans/ventilation, special utilities, cabinets.  If club members are storing materials in their garages this would also indicate an additional storage need.  Fitness Center focus groups are encouraged to come with ideas for additional spaces/services.  Examples might be massage therapy/body work space, esthetician services, mind/body activities or Pilates on the reformer, various styles of yoga, space for use of free weights, space for stretching. Is there interest in steam/sauna facilities? What new or different equipment are residents looking for? What new/altered facilities might be needed such as an outdoor lap pool and spa. What do residents see 5 years from now?  Please come prepared to prioritize your ideas/needs.

For residents not involved in resident focus groups, you may attend a scheduled SPI-WG meeting and present your specific ideas during the Open Forum portion of the meeting.

Time Line for January through June 2018
January.  Announcement of selected Architectural/Design Firm by the Board following January Board meeting.

February through March (approximate).  Conduct resident focus groups and meet with Departmental Managers/Staff. Collect, coordinate and analyze information received. Update Board.

April.   Meetings with resident focus groups and department managers/staff completed. Present findings to architectural/design firm. Possible clarification meetings with architectural/design firm and focus groups/department managers as needed. Update Board.

March through June (approximate) Space utilization study conducted and completed.  Renderings of outside of front, side and back of Lodge Complex completed. Existing and new/reallocated space design completed.  Reports and renderings sent to Board.

The SPI-WG and Board very much welcomes resident participation in this project.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at

Judy Arstson | Secretary, SCR Board of Directors |
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Derek Zachman | Head Golf Pro |


Golf Course Update

Spring is on the horizon.  Depending on the weather we will begin cultural activity towards the end of February and the beginning of March with a combination of our solid tine and coring aerification processes. This will be important in regards to getting the courses ready for summer by developing healthy rooting systems.

We will also be testing our soils to see if there are any mineral adjustments needed which we will make during this time. We will be applying gypsum and potassium to balance out the accumulated salts.  Some sod work will also take place where golf cars and maintenance equipment have thinned areas.

Redwood trees will again be receiving deep root fertilizer injections, which continue a program initiated 8 years ago to improve their health.  We are now seeing hints of that improvement this year on most of them.  Usually after a few days of frosty temperatures we see the trees browning out from salt burns, this season so far they have maintained their green needles for the most part.

Similar activities will be taking place in the common landscapes in regards to fertility and amendments on our lawns.  There will be a few projects addressing some minor issues in the plant material in several areas throughout the community.  Additional tree work will also take place with pruning focusing on the sycamores. We will also be busy with median landscape work (English Rose and the Pleasant Grove-Sun City entrance).  Some touch up landscaping will also occur around the Lodge and parking lot.  Deep root feedings of the redwoods in the landscape will also take place while the rain can benefit us.

Audubon Report
Our Christmas Bird Count is in and we have identified over 62 bird species and 1339 individual birds.  Thank you to Sun City’s Judy Spitler and her Audubon bird watching group for their efforts during a very cold and frosty morning.

Canadian Geese Patrol
Our members continue to be active with our renegade geese (those geese that don’t migrate) hoping that they find a new home to settle into.  For those of you who are new residents the Goose Patrol (volunteer residents) help us mitigate the Canadian Geese population to prevent flocks from dropping potential disease causing feces and destruction of turf (they feed on grass and over a decade ago numbered over 750 geese on property). The Patrol’s task is making the geese uncomfortable through harassment (federally and state permissible) so that they will migrate as they should.  The Canadian goose has been a perplexing problem across the United States. Our Goose Patrol has been very successful in controlling flocks to a very manageable level.  You can help us by not feeding the geese and supporting their efforts- thank you!  Of note we counted 47 Canadian geese which is a manageable population.

Jim Ferrin | Golf Course Superintendent, Director of Landscapes |
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Jason Smith | SCR Food & Beverage Director |
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Your Activities staff would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and best wishes for happiness and good health in 2018!  Your Sun City community can certainly offer avenues to both.  Visit Elaine and Gina in the Fitness Center for your health needs.  Let your Activities Department help you with happiness!

We offer a variety of day tours, extended tours and onsite events for your entertainment and enjoyment.

Seats are available on the Wednesday, January 17 San Francisco Presidio/Walt Disney Family Museum day tour. Bus departs at 7:30AM; cost is $95 per person and includes a hosted lunch at the Presidio Café.  All other January day tours are sold out!

There is still time to register for February events.  Thursday, February 1, we’ll visit Graton Resort & Casino. Bus departs at 8:00AM for a four hour stay; cost is $35 per person and includes $10 in slot play and $5 off lunch.  Be sure to visit the Timber Creek Lodge and pick up a flyer for 2018 Casino Day Tours.  Tuesday, February 6 will take us to the Marina Mammal Center & a no-host lunch in Sausalito; bus departs at 8:00AM, cost is $60.00 per person.  Wednesday, February 21 join us in Davis for a visit to the Manetti Shrem Museum and a hosted lunch at the Wildhorse Bar & Grill with beautiful views of the Wildhorse Golf Course; bus departs at 10:30AM, cost is $50.00 per person and includes lunch.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  Treat yourself or someone special to a decadent three-course luncheon, wine tour and wine tasting at the urban winery Revolution Wines located in Sacramento.  You’ll enjoy a fabulous lunch with a menu created especially for Sun City and includes a glass of wine.  Bus departs at 10:45am, cost is $78.00 per person.  Friday, February 16 we’ll host a post-Valentine’s event at Sierra Pines as Capitol Confections, a popular local and family-owned chocolatier, offers a special presentation and a tasting of both milk chocolate and dark chocolate with a few items to dip in their kettles.

Registration is currently open for the Monterey Whale Watching Tour scheduled for March 6-8, 2018. Flyers are available in the Association News Bulletin Board. Flyers are also available for the Redwood Coast Music Festival in Eureka, April 5-8, 2018 and the popular Grand Mystery Tour, May 6-11, 2018.  Please note the registration dates!  Should you have an interest in a payment plan, please contact Sharon Mowry, Activities Director.

If you have not picked up your 2018 Membership Directory & Community Guide yet, please stop in at the Activities Desk with your activity card to get your directory. In addition to resident listings, the directory is also a good source for contact information for Association staff, the Pro Shop, Fitness Center, and Timbers at the Lodge Restaurant, your Sun City Foundation, Sunshine Services and more!  Please be sure to support the advertisers in both the Membership Directory and the Village Courier.  These are well-established businesses, and the majority is familiar with and does business in our community on a regular basis.

Happy New Year!

Sharon Mowry | SCR Activities Director |
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Welcome to another year of staying fit in your Fitness Center! As you join in the fun, please remember the following rules:

If you’ve never used the facility before, sign up for an orientation at our front desk.

Elaine Zilonka | SCR Fitness Director |
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Residential Security – Part Ten of a Series

The When You Are Home Component, Con’t

Solicitors and Scammers

You do have a No Soliciting sign, right?  If not, pick one up at our office or in our slot on the wall outside Activities.

The best policy is to never buy anything from someone going door to door.  The list of inferior products and workmanship, and scams, is endless, and too voluminous to offer examples here.

Here is the law, from the Roseville municipal code, on solicitors:  The Constitution protects religion, the press and politicos, but solicitors must:

So, if your challenge questions give you confidence that the caller is truly and merely a solicitor, but he is in violation of any part of the above code, call the police.  This would be the one situation for which you would use the non-emergency number, 774-5000.

Bonus Tip:   Familiarize yourself with 774-5000.  Call and listen to the recorded prompts—just hang up before they answer.  This exercise will reveal how to get right through to the dispatchers, which is:

If, however, your challenge questions lead you to suspect the “solicitor” is a burglar using the solicitor ruse, calling 911 would be appropriate. 

When You Are Outside

A good rule of thumb is to keep locked any doors or windows you cannot see from wherever you are in the yard.  Commonly, that means the front facing windows and doors, including the garage doors, when you are socializing or horticulturing in the back yard.  You are correct—that is not a word.

There is an M. O., (that’s “method of operation” for those of you who do not read crime novels) known as Green Thumb Burglary.  When burglars see you working in the yard, they assume no one is in the house, and know they will likely find an unlocked door or window.  If they can slip past you unseen, they will try to go into your home, and commonly find unlocked doors and windows.  Sure, that is chancy on their part, but it is an M. O. common enough to have its own name.

If you are in the front yard, chat with your neighbors as they come and go, and keep an eye on their homes.  Watch passing cars, and waive at folks you know.  Your neighbors will be much more willing to help you, or keep an eye on your home, if you are friendly and engaging, than if you are a stick-in-the-mud.  Please remember that neighbors are the most important component of residential security.

I refer you back to the previous mentions about carrying a phone or car keys when you are in the yard for the purpose of summoning help.

When You Are Inside 

When you retire in the evening, think about the security measures you have adopted.  Double check whatever measures you think that you, or your housemate, have taken.  Two people ensuring that locks are locked is better than neither ensuring that locks are locked.  Mention it to each other.  Every evening.

When you arise, review those measures to determine if you forgot anything when you retired the previous evening.  Car keys on the night stand?  Stick in the slider track?  And so on.  If you did forget, mention it to your housemate.

As you go about your day, keep security measures in mind, such as having locks in place at the end of the house you are not in.

Again, security is a mindset.  Daily review should be your habit.

If you have health or physical deficits, consider setting signals for which your neighbors can watch.  For example, if your blinds are not opened, or your porch lights not turned off by, say 9:00 am, your neighbors can call to see if you need help.  If you have your health, but a neighbor does not, open a discussion about setting up such signals.

In the next issue, I will offer tips for when you are away.


I am always available to speak at your Neighborhood Watch meetings or Club meetings.

Important Phone Numbers
Emergency – Police or Fire – 911
Roseville Emergency from Cell Phones – 916-786-6444
Roseville Non-Emergency Police – 774-5000
Sun City After Hours Emergency – 789-0808

Neighborhood Watch Office – (8:00 AM – Noon)

Citizens Patrol Office – (8:00 AM – Noon)

P.J. Conradi | Dire77ctor, NW/CP |
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Happy New Year! I decided that after the holidays with family and friends, January feels like one big long Monday. Its only saving grace it that it’s cold. (Just think of those endless hot summer days and you’ll appreciate these precious cold, foggy days!)

Last month, I pointed out that we now have a Resident Safety section in the Resident Website. I updated the banner to include important phone numbers. These are the same phone numbers that are in every issue of the eCourier in the Neighborhood Watch section. Here is what the new banner looks like:

If you haven’t checked out this section yet, it is located under Resources or use the shortcut button on the homepage.

Resident Website Workshop
Mark your calendar! The next Resident Website Workshop is Tuesday, March 13, 1:30-2:30. Class size is limited to 10 and fills up quickly. Sign up starts at the February Courier Days.

Betty Foley-Guerrero | Website Coordinator |
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