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It’s hard to believe the year is almost over.  As we get older, time just seems to fly by.  Already we are talking about the 2018/19 Budget.  One of the important issues for this coming year’s Budget is how to slow our Golf revenue losses.  Since the beginning of November, we have had a Golf Revenue Work Group considering a six-point proposal by our Head Golf Professional Derek Zachman directed at improving our Golf revenue over the next fiscal year.  We have been making good progress with lively discussions and should conclude our efforts and Board recommendations on improving Golf revenue at our 12/19/17, 2:30 PM Work Group meeting in the Card room.  All are invited.

Progress on resolving our Lounge Noise Mitigation problem has been slowed by the delayed delivery of the fabric acoustical panels to be placed around the nine circular lights in the Lounge area.  This has caused a cancellation of our 12/15/17 meeting.  As of now, we are planning on meeting 12/22/17, 9:00 AM in the Poker room to review the panel installation and the second set of noise measurements by Bollard Acoustic Consultants.  Based on these results, we will discuss what additional actions need to be taken.  Please plan on attending.

Volunteer pictureBoth of these Work Groups and others could not function without the support of our resident volunteers.  Please consider what you can do in the 2018 to actively participate in our Association activities.

Finally, BEST WISHES for a safe and happy holiday and New Year.

John Raniseski | Director, SCR Board of Directors |
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The Pro Shop staff at both Timber Creek and Sierra Pines would like to thank everyone who participated in our annual Seasonal Spectacular Sale! We look forward to that event every year, and this year was a huge success! The night was filled with wine, cheese, laughs and massive sales! We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did.

Christmas is here! It’s that time of the year again filled with family, good food, traffic, and the confusion of what to buy your friends and family. Timber Creek is making your shopping experience a lot easier by offering every golfers favorite items! Pick up a dozen Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1 X’s for only $39.99! You can even get them personalized for free! If someone you know would like to play the Best Golf Course in Sacramento, purchase them Timber Creek’s Gift of Golf. Get 5 rounds with cart at Timber Creek for only $200!! We hope everyone enjoys this Christmas season, and we’ll see you in 2018!

Derek Zachman | Head Golf Pro |


Golf Course Update

Both golf courses are closed on Christmas Day.

Happy Holidays to everyone and best wishes for a very healthy, happy and prosperous New Year in 2018.

It is winter and we are experiencing frost delays on a weekly basis.  Please be cognizant of cool and clear weather in the 30’s as it usually will mean a frost delay that morning of anywhere from 2-3 hours until the turf can thaw.  We appreciate your patience during these delays.

Winter projects will involve some drainage installations and some turf improvement around green banks.  We are removing spongy areas and replacing it with hydro-seeded turf to firm up those areas.  We have begun on the Pines and this work will carry onto Timber Creek as well.

Unfortunately with the dry weather we have to irrigate once a week and this has led to continued pipe leaks and breaks.  Many of you know already that this was a bad year for lateral pipe repairs now numbering over 110.  They are usually at a glue weld joint, or at a 90 degree fitting. These failures are at a 65% increase over previous years and have signaled that we have to start looking at our options.  I will update the community later on this problem and challenge.

On a happier note we have begun hydro seeding wildflowers.  This year we are being somewhat conservative doing plantings at School House Park where we will look at our technique and rates as a model to do more in the years to come if we are successful..  The wildflowers are a California native mixture and are should attract birds and pollinators to those areas.  Since they are being planted in non-irrigated areas we need a bit of rain to enable them to germinate this spring.  Hopefully we will see rain soon in our area.

Thanks from all our staff members for your encouragement and support in 2017.  We look forward to great things in 2018

Jim Ferrin | Golf Course Superintendent, Director of Landscapes |
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Jason Smith | SCR Food & Beverage Director |
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It’s a wonderful time of the year in Sun City with the beautiful holiday décor and celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah.  Your Activities Department wishes you happy holidays filled with family, friends, good food and good cheer.

PetCalendarAdIf you’re still looking for that last minute gift, 2018 Top Critter Calendars are available in the Fitness Center, the Pro Shop and the Activities Desk.  It’s a great gift idea for $10.00; proceeds benefit the Association and the SPCA.

122017_GolfCartParadeAndSanta_smWednesday, December 20 is the Holiday Golf Cart Parade & Santa Visit. Santa will be in the Timber Creek Lodge lobby from 3:30-5:00PM along with Charlie Kidd providing us with traditional holiday music.  Stop in for a visit, bring the family and celebrate the season in the Lodge.  The parade will depart at 5:00PM from the Tennis Courts.  It’s not too late to join in on the fun!  If you’d like to be a parade spectator, please review the parade route on the back of the flyer.  Special thanks to residents Jan Colyer, Donna Barr and Dina Jackson who have worked so hard to bring this to the community!

This holiday season we enjoyed a variety of day tours.  Thursday, November 30 was a fun trip as two busses headed to San Francisco for our annual Holidays in the City Shopping Tour. Over 45 residents traveled to San Francisco Sunday, December 10 for the Holiday Beach Blanket Babylon Show and a hosted dinner. Many residents opted to visit the Duarte Nursery in hopes of finding that perfect poinsettia for the holiday season. We wrapped up the holiday season on Wednesday, December 13 with over 50 residents enjoying Victorian Christmas in the quaint, little town of Nevada City.

Soon enough we’ll turn the calendar to 2018!  Courier Days will be Tuesday, January 2 through Thursday, January 4.  This year, the 2018 Community Directory and Membership Guide will be distributed at the Courier table January 2,3 & 4 from 7:30AM-4:00PM. Beginning Friday, January 5 your Membership Directory  may be picked up at the Activities Desk during regular desk hours.  Please be sure to show your Activity Card and one copy per household please.

010818_ssBeneathScarletSky_smRegistration is currently open for January tours and onsite events. If you prefer to stay close to home, take advantage of the variety of events offered in the Timber Creek Lodge.  Monday, January 8 is the Foundation sponsored Speaker Series with Mike Lella, presenting the story of his father Pino in the Amazon best-seller “Beneath a Scarlet Sky.”  The Roseville Community Concert Band makes a return as they perform their great music to Harold Lloyd’s 1923 classic comedy, Safety Last! Monday, January 22.   Friday, January 26 we’ll welcome comedians Brad Bonar and Jack Gallagher in the Timber Creek Ballroom from 7:00-9:00PM.

010718_SomethingRotten_smIf you prefer to get out and enjoy a day tour, we have a few tickets left for Broadway Sacramento, “Something Rotten!” on Sunday, January 7. Tickets are $96.00 per person; bus departs at 12:45PM. Monday, January 8 we’ll make our annual trek to the Esquire IMAX Theater for a double feature, National Parks Adventure 3D and brand new, Amazon Adventure 3D. Tickets are $68.00 per person and include a hosted lunch at the Monk’s Cellar located in Roseville.  Bus departs at 9:00AM. Wednesday, January 17, join us for a visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum, a bus tour of the San Francisco Presidio and a hosted lunch at the Presidio Café.  Cost is $95.00 per person; bus departs at 7:30AM. Please be sure to visit the Village Courier, also located on the resident website, for details and information on additional January day tours.

030618_MontereyWhale1_smRegistration is currently open for the Monterey Whale Watching Tour scheduled for March 6-8, 2018. Flyers are available in the Association News Bulletin Board.

Look for information on the Courier Table January 2 for the Redwood Coast Music Festival in Eureka, April 5-8, 2018 and the popular Grand Mystery Tour, May 6-11, 2018.

Sharon Mowry | SCR Activities Director |
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Do your shopping in the Fitness Center this year!

Here are great gift ideas:

  • The best part of waking up is a coffee card in your pocket! Delicious Peet’s coffee is just $1.50 in the Fitness Center. You can purchase a punch card for 10 coffees for $15.
  • Aerobics class tickets are $45 for 20 classes. A class ticket booklet is a great gift for the group exercise lover in your household.
  • Stay warm with a fleece jacket. We have both men’s and women’s jackets with our embroidered logo in many colors.
  • Have her snooze soundly in a sleep shirt! We have some adorable designs and they can also be used as a swim suit cover up.
  • Need something small and simple? We have magnets, bookmarks, and notepads!
  • Gift certificates are available in the Administration Office for massages or personal training. Brochures with descriptions of services are on your resident website.

Elaine Zilonka | SCR Fitness Director |
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HandsandlittlehouseResidential Security – Part Nine of a Series

Editorial Comment

This is eighth issue of this series, so this is probably a good time to restate that I am not trying to scare you, but, rather to prepare you, and to persuade you, to actively, and habitually, think about safety and security.

If you think ahead to potential situations that may occur, you can develop plans of action.  You can take preventive measures, such as bolstering security of doors and windows, coordinating with neighbors, and so on, as described here in prior issues.  (Back issues can be found on the SCRCA web site.  Click the Sun City Roseville tab near the top & then the eCourier link.)

You never want a first occurrence of anything problematic to come as a surprise—to be something you never even considered—and thus to be an incident you know not how to handle.  When it comes to safety, ignorance is rarely bliss.

It is also called situational awareness.  The reason you look both ways before you cross the street is that you don’t want screeching tires and a blaring horn to be your first indication that you are walking into the path of a car.  Rather, you have learned about pedestrian safety, and remember it—every time you approach a street.

You look both ways.  You consider wearing reflective clothing at night, and so on.  You teach it to your kids and grandkids.  When you read about an auto-pedestrian accident, you wonder how it could have happened, and whether the pedestrian could have been more careful.

That is what this is all about—a mindset of carefulness applied to residential security, which incorporates personal safety.

The When You Are Home Component

Answering the Door

First and foremost, do not hesitate to call 911 if you suspect the person coming to your door is not someone you want in your house.  More on that below, but I want to make the point:  Calling the police is never the wrong thing to do.

Second, people who ring your doorbell can range from folks you know to burglars, or worse.  Make it your practice, your habit, to always determine who they are before you open the door.

Many Sun City homes have windows on the front porch which allow you to look out to see if you recognize the caller(s).  Peep holes provide the same benefit.  A real benefit of an iron security door is that it allows you to open the regular door while keeping callers outside.

If they are not anyone you know, challenge them as to who they are and what they want.  If it is an hour of darkness, be sure to have the porch light on, and tell them to stand in the light so you can see them.  See additional comments below regarding late night callers.

Bonus Tip:  Tell yourself what they look like, especially clothing type and colors.  If you call the police, the dispatcher will ask you for a description.

If you do not like the answers they give, indicate to them that you are not alone, whether that is true or not.  One good way is to holler out a man’s name, even if you are a man.  A knucklehead would much rather deal with a single female than a male, or two males.  You can bellow, “Henry, get the shotgun.  This jerk is up to no good” or “George, call 911.  This guy is some kind of crook”.

You might be thinking that you would be embarrassed if you took such measures and the caller turned out to be someone you know.  That will rarely be the case, because those folks will recognize your security concerns and identify themselves at the onset.

Never worry about what anyone says about your safety measures and concerns.  If they object, then they are feeling, rather than thinking, and there is a big difference.  You just keep on thinking.

Thieves, Generally

Keep in mind that most burglars operate during the day light hours, but regardless of the hour, they often check to see if anyone is home by going to the front door and ringing the bell.

When you challenge them, they often offer some:

  • excuse, such as they are looking for their lost dog, or
  • apology, such as they have the wrong house, or
  • ruse, such as they are merely solicitors

When they leave, call 911.  They may go to one if your neighbors next.  Remember the Bonus Tip above.  If you can safely watch them to see where they go, or to what type of car or bicycle they have, it will help.

Late Night Doorbell Ringers

Although some of the following could easily apply callers during daylight hours, there are specific circumstances when people come to your door late at night.  Immediately call 911.  Really?  Yes, really.

Here are some of the reasons why people would ring your bell at a late hour:

  • They are hurt, or may be a crime victim, or their car broke down
  • They are lost, disoriented or confused
  • They are thieves trying to determine if you are home
  • They are home-invasion robbers who will try to force their way inside

What do all these reasons have in common?  They are all reasons to call 911 !! 

Then, as you talk to the dispatcher, it can be determined whether you should let the bell ringer know that you are home.  Generally, that will be a good idea, but let the dispatcher help you decide.  The dispatcher will know many things you cannot know, such as how far away the cops are, whether your neighbors have also called, whether similar events have recently occurred, and so on.

So, whether you see anyone on not, if your doorbell rings late at night, someone rang it, and that is all the reason you need to call the cops.

Then, if you have elected to let the bell ringer know you are home, you can challenge him.  If it turns out to be someone you know, you can simply so inform the dispatcher, who will cancel the call.  All of that will take only about a minute, and the dispatcher will not mind.

In fact, the dispatcher will be of the mind that you did exactly the right thing by erring on the side of caution.  When you call 911, one minute is critical in for real urgency, but more than an acceptable use of police time for facilitating your acting with due caution when the circumstance turned out to be okay.

If You See No One

Regardless of the hour, if, when you get to the door and cannot see anyone, consider that the doorbell ringer may have just left a package.  That is how delivery drivers are supposed to operate, to allow you to promptly bring in the package so as to thwart porch pirates.  Use windows or peep holes to look for a package and/or the delivery truck.  Only open the door to look if you have an iron security door.

If you see no package, do not assume whomever rang the bell is now gone.  Holler through the window or door to challenge them.  If they do not respond, immediately grab a phone, and then ensure that rear and garage doors into your living quarters are locked.  Keep your eyes and ears open to those areas, and immediately call 911 if you see or hear anyone.  Again, the doorbell ringer may be a thief trying to determine whether you are home.

Bonus Tip:  As explained in earlier issues, it is good idea to always keep all the doors, especially the one between the yard and garage, secure, whether or not you are home.


Next time I will discuss solicitors and scammers who come to your door, and crime prevention measures and personal safety when you are in your yard, and when you are inside your home.

You likely will be reading this in mid-December.   Please remember all the holiday safety tips you read year after year.  It is all about situational awareness at the mall, but don’t forget porch pirates will have more packages to steal.

Best wishes for a joy and blessings filled holiday season from Linda, Karen & I.



I am always available to speak at your Neighborhood Watch meetings or Club meetings.

Important Phone Numbers
Emergency – Police or Fire – 911
Roseville Emergency from Cell Phones – 916-786-6444
Roseville Non-Emergency Police – 774-5000
Sun City After Hours Emergency – 789-0808

Neighborhood Watch Office – (8:00 AM – Noon)

Citizens Patrol Office – (8:00 AM – Noon)

P.J. Conradi | Director, NW/CP |
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Greetings! As we close out the year, it’s always a time of reflection as well as looking forward to the new year. Our Website Workshop continues to be full and the Resident Website continues to get better.

The most recent addition to the Resident Website is the Resident Safety section located under Resources. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:


The opening page currently has an update from the board. The first button links to the Roseville Police Department. The second button shows the Safety First News article put out by the Roseville PD. The third button links to current Roseville traffic projects and the fourth button links to any new safety laws. Click on the screenshot to open the page. If you need a log in and password, feel free to email me and I can get you set up.

Save the Date!
Our next Website Workshop will be Tuesday, March 13, 2018. This is a fun, one hour class that goes over how to log in and navigate all the information on the Resident Website. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at everything available at your fingertips! Look for sign ups in February during Courier Days.

Praying all of you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Betty Foley-Guerrero | Website Coordinator |
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