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I am honored and humbled to serve a second term as the President of your Sun City Roseville Association.

The 2016 – 2017 Board was outstanding.  I had the pleasure to serve side by side with Vice President Herb Drosdat, Treasurer Dave Lewis, Secretary RT Taylor, Director Tim Hinchey, Director John Raniseski and Director Judy Arntson.  Everyone worked very effectively with Executive Director Earl Wiklund and staff to accomplish many goals and services.  I will highlight a few of these:  The Restaurant and Lounge Expansion, the Strategic Plan, the Implementation of Special Use Fee, Volunteer Recruitment, Upgrade to the Audio Visual System in the Timbers Ballroom and Resident Safety on Community Streets are some of things implemented during 2016-17.

I’m likewise very pleased to work with the 2017-2018 Board of Directors composed of Vice President Roberta Daley, Secretary Judy Arntson, Treasurer Cora Rose, Director Dave Lewis, Director John Raniseski and Director RT Taylor.  In August we met to develop Goals for 2017-18.  You will hear more about all of the goals in the near future. I’ll highlight a few of them: The Strategic Plan identified areas to be addressed over the next 10 years such as Expand Creative Arts Kiln/Storage Areas, Expand Fitness Center, Expand the Pro Shop, Expand JONAS/and MIS Capabilities, Add 2 Bocce Courts and Expand Administrative Space.  A Board/Resident Committee has been established to develop ways to mitigate the noise level in the Timbers Lounge.  The 2017-2018 Board is off to as very active and positive start.

The Board is very receptive to resident comments and interests.  Residents are encouraged to attend the Board Planning Meetings (usually the 3rd Thursday at 1:30p.m.) and the Board Meeting which are televised (usually the 4th Friday at 9:00 a.m.)  Both meetings have Open Forums for resident comments on items not on the agenda.  Dates and location of meetings are on the Sun City Roseville web site.

My personal goal is to work with the entire Board of Directors and the Executive Director Earl Wiklund to represent you and all residents of Sun City Roseville.

Linda Breninger | President, SCR Board of Directors |
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Reporting Common Area Invasive Tree Roots in Sun City

One of first things that new residents see when driving into Sun City is our beautiful common area landscape and trees.  Our trees provide much needed shade, help to reduce resident energy costs while providing a parklike feel to our community.

These beautiful trees in Sun City are approaching 20-22 years of age and as a result they have very expansive root systems.  Over the past four to five years of drought, the roots of the trees have grown in search of water with the result being that some sound walls are seeing damage from encroaching tree roots. Residents may also be experiencing encroachment of common area tree roots into their back yard property.

The Properties Committee and the Board of Directors at their July meetings have developed a policy about methods to resolve common area tree root issues in back yards.

In order to work with residents to address invasive tree roots, Jim Ferrin, Director of Landscape, the Properties Committee and the Board of Directors have developed a reporting mechanism so that residents may report their concerns regarding tree roots in their back yards. To assist the Association in identifying invasive tree roots, residents are encouraged to report any observed common area tree root issues to the Association by filling out a Resident Concern form and submitting it to the Association Office.  Resident Concern forms can be picked up in the Association or can be downloaded from Properties Committee area on the Association’s web site.  If residents have photos these can be attached to the Resident Concern Form.  When a Resident Concern form is submitted to the Association Office, it is followed up by a phone call from the Properties Committee Resident Concern Coordinator to the resident.  Resident Concern Coordinators will in turn contact Jim Ferrin and arrange for visit to the homeowners residence and develop a course of action.

Your support and assistance will help the Association in taking preventative measures that will help to prevent present and any future damage.

Judy Arntson | Director, SCR Board of Directors |
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Sun City Roseville has been a continuous donator and supporter of the First Tee of Greater Sacramento. We host multiple events at Timber Creek and Sierra Pines Golf Courses, and one of those events is the Bill Gould Memorial Golf Tournament. Bill Gould was a resident of Sun City Roseville, and he was an avid volunteer with the First Tee. Bill started a golf tournament at Sun City in which the proceeds go towards students college education in the form of a scholarship. $4,000 was donated this past year, and was given to student athletes making their way to their selected Universities. We’d like to thank all of the residents that participated in the Bill Gould Memorial Golf Tournament, and those that support the First Tee of Greater Sacramento.

That being said, we have another First Tee event on September 9th at Timber Creek Golf Course. It’s the First Tee’s year end golf tournament in which the best players in the Sacramento area, of both genders and age, come to Timber Creek and compete in their championship. This is a unique opportunity to not only see some of the top junior golfers play, but volunteer and get involved in a great organization. We are always looking for volunteers to work check in, shuttle, spotters, scoring, etc. If you are interested please contact Steve Fernandez for sign up. Thank you for making these events as great as they are, and thank you for all the support that we as a community show in junior golf!

Derek Zachman | Head Golf Pro |
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Jason Smith | SCR Food & Beverage Director |
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Each month I utilize the E-Courier to inform you of trips with available seats in the next 30 days.  The bad news…busses are full!  And the good news…busses are full!

There are just a few seats left on the following tours:

Tuesday, August 22River Cats Baseball, $45.00 per person
Wednesday, August 30Cache Creek Casino Resort, $40 per person

You can find a “Mark Your Calendar” in the Association News Bulletin Board each month.  Please note, it is a partial listing of upcoming events and is subject to change.  Let your Village Courier be your final confirmation of trips offered, dates and prices.  The “Mark Your Calendar” is still a good source to plan ahead and is updated monthly.

SummerJazzDon’t miss the last Sunset Jazz-in-the-Park Concert scheduled for Thursday, August 17 from 6:00PM-8:00PM in School House Park.  We’ll welcome the Jay Paulus Society Band, come with your dancing shoes or just relax and enjoy!

Tickets are still available for “The Songs & Stories of Neil Diamond” on Monday, August 21 at 7:00PM in the Timber Creek Ballroom. Having heard Jack perform in our community last year, you’ll think he’s the “real deal” and much more affordable than a Golden 1 Center ticket price! Tickets are $25.00 per person and selling quickly!

ANNOUNCE_122917_RoseParade1Registration is currently open for the 4 night/5 day tour to the Rose Parade in Pasadena. We’ve got top-notch seats for the parade, Bandfest and float decorating!  We’ll enjoy fun excursions, including a 1 ½  hour narrated harbor cruise aboard the Wild Goose Yacht, once the private playground for legendary actor John Wayne. We’ll ring in the New Year at Roy’s Fusion Cuisine, an upscale restaurant, and enjoy a champagne toast. Registration will close on Monday, September 4.

Show dates and tickets prices are available for the 2017/2018 Broadway Sacramento Series. Tickets for October 25 performance with Dutch Violinist Andre Rieu at the Golden 1 Event Center will go on sale September 1. Tickets are $140 per person and include bus transportation with drop-off at the Main Entrance and prime seating!

This year we’re delighted to host Grandparent Days Harvest Festival on Saturday, October 14 at Sierra Pines from 10:00AM-3:00PM.  Registration opens Tuesday, September 5 in front of the Administration Office.

Sharon Mowry | SCR Activities Director |
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The indoor pool and spa will soon be closed for annual maintenance. The closure will begin on Tuesday September 5 and the anticipated reopening is Monday September 25.  In addition to maintenance to pumps, filters, and heaters, both the spa and indoor pool will be re-plastered. The outdoor pool will remain open during this time and its closure will be weather dependent in October. The outdoor pool deck will get resurfaced before it opens for the Summer 2018 season.

Please note that the women’s locker room will not be accessible August 16-18 from 3PM-9PM for wall repairs.

Elaine Zilonka | SCR Fitness Director |
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Residential Security – Part Five of a Series

The Garage Component—Part Two

We left off last month discussing how thieves, standing in the driveway, reach in between the panels of your overhead door with a stiff wire and hook the red rope.

Well, what if they cannot see in?  Most of our overhead doors have rectangular windows in the top panel, which afford the thieves a view of the red rope such that it helps them hook it.  You can cover those windows.

SCR Design Guidelines, Article III, Section 3.02 (s) (vi) states:  Acceptable garage door window coverings shall be limited to:  non reflective dark/black window film or black sunscreens applied to the inside of the window.

There is a triple benefit to covering these windows.

  1. Thieves cannot see in to determine whether you even have a red rope.
  2. They cannot see in to assess what you have to steal.
  3. They should also get a sense that you have at least some security awareness. In part one of this series I stated that one of our objectives is to show you how to create a visual deterrent; adopting measures which are so obvious as to dissuade a burglar.

Bonus tip #1:  If you do leave your overheat door up for ventilation, make sure there is not enough room for a skinny thief to slide in on his back.  That way you only have to worry about snakes, opossums and raccoons foraging in your garage cabinets.

Bonus tip #2:  Consider a digital monitor system to tell you, via your smart phone or other device, whether the overhead door is open or closed.  Some stand alone, and some work with a burglar alarm system.

Bonus tip #2a:  Absent a monitor system, do not just drive off once you see the door beginning to close.  Rather, wait to ensure that the door did not bounce back up or otherwise not close.  It is rare, but it happens.  Take a second look when you arrive home, as well.

Bonus tip #3:  Consider downsizing your remote garage door opener/clicker, from the car sun visor clip-on size to the key fob size, and hooking it to your car key to reduce the chances of leaving it in the car.  They are sold wherever garage doors and car key fobs are sold.

The Door into the House

I refer you back to part three of this series—Door Security – General Considerations—where you can review various devices and comments on what thieves expect once inside the garage.

Generally, the more secure you have made the two access points into your garage (the overhead and side or rear doors) the less important it is to keep this door secure, but here are some other things you might consider:

  • Put a peep hole in it. Assuming the door is very secure, if you hear noises in the garage, you can peek out and be much safer than if you simply opened it to investigate.
  • Convert the garage ceiling light fixtures to come on with a motion detector. Thieves who enter the garage during hours of darkness will be startled and may well flee—again, you will have adopted a measure to dissuade them.  It may even scare off raccoons, and the light enhances your use of the peep hole.
  • Pick the car key alarm fob up off your nightstand # and have it with you when you look through the peep hole, so you can press the panic feature, as needed, to scare off any thieves—or raccoons.
  • Install a fire rated door. If a fire starts in the garage, you want time on your side.  (Smoke alarms do not work in the garage.  Fumes and dust set them off.)  The wall between your garage and the living quarters is, by code, a one-hour rated fire wall, accomplished by the application of 5/8” sheetrock to the garage side of the wall.

That leaves the door, and yours is likely made of PVC type plastic, which has a very low fire rating.  Fire rated doors can be attractive, and can have metal frames, which attach even more securely to the house frame, as discussed in part three of this series.

In part six next month, we will discuss The Interior Component, # including more comments on the car key alarm fob.


I am always available to speak at your Neighborhood Watch meetings or Club meetings.

Important Phone Numbers
Emergency – Police or Fire – 911
Roseville Emergency from Cell Phones – 916-786-6444
Roseville Non-Emergency Police – 774-5000
Sun City After Hours Emergency – 789-0808

Neighborhood Watch Office – (8:00 AM – Noon)

Citizens Patrol Office – (8:00 AM – Noon)

P.J. Conradi | Director, NW/CP |
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Betty Foley-Guerrero | Website Coordinator |
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California Minimum Wage and Sun City Roseville

The annual increase in minimum wage continues in 2018 with the next step going to $11.00.  The next 4 years the increase is $1 per year until we hit $15.00 per hour.  There are a couple of reasons that the minimum wage might not increase but it is unlikely.  What this means to Sun City Roseville is that as the minimum wage goes up for our employees it also goes up for other businesses employees.  This means the cost of everything we purchase will go up.  For employees this can be happy news as their wages will go up but at the same time so will the prices of everything we purchase.  There will be increased pressure for those who earn more than minimum wage to keep increasing wages to stay above the minimum wage.  The management team is aware of the changes coming and how it will affect wages, benefits and all other costs to the Association.  We are actively working the numbers.

Alesia McCrory | H.R. Director |
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