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Securing Sun City’s Financial Future While Continuing to Enjoy our Lifestyle

On April 4, 2016, Governor Brown signed into law SB 3 which mandates new minimum wage increases beginning in 2016 and continuing through 2022. All minimum wage employees affected will see their wages raise from $9.50 per hour to $15.00 per hour by 2022. Thereafter, wages will be adjusted each year according to the previous year’s inflation rate.  Adhering to these legal mandates will have a major impact upon Association financial planning and budget development going forward.

Also having a major impact upon current and future financial planning is Sun City’s aging infrastructure which will require higher maintenance, repair or replacement costs that will be paid for from Reserve Funding.  As reserve funding is drawn down, these funds will need to be replaced in order to continue to keep our Reserves funded at 100%.

The Board also realizes that all residents living here and new residents moving in have a deep desire to live the Sun City Lifestyle as identified in our Vision and Mission Statements. Residents have an expectation that exceptional activities, amenities, facilities, programs and services will continue to be available and provided by our excellent staff.

With the above in mind, the Board has undertaken a comprehensive process to evaluate all aspects of the budget and engage in a strategic planning process that identifies and prioritizes needed improvements.  Included in this process is looking at all revenue sources, possibly increasing fees to raise existing revenue streams and  evaluating costs/expenses in the operational budget in order to help minimize assessment increases.

We are spending considerable time in identifying possible new revenue sources, what these might look like, the amount of funds that could be generated to offset the impact of minimum wage requirements, aging infrastructure needs and needed improvements. Our goal is to minimize assessment increases.  We will continue to keep you updated on our progress and look forward to your support as we continue this work.

Celebrate Life by Living the Sun City Lifestyle

Judy Arntson | Director, SCR Board of Directors |
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christmasgolfHo, Ho, Ho and Merry Christmas!  Time is winding down to get those last minute Christmas items for your favorite golfers. Beat the holiday traffic and crowded lines and come to your own Timber Creek Golf Shop! We have a vast variety of shirts, jackets, clubs, balls, and many other items for stocking stuffers for both men and women and you don’t even need to leave the compound. No lines, no parking problems, no worries!

We at the Pro Shop would like to take this opportunity to say “Happy Holidays” to all of you at Sun City Roseville. May you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Safe travels and well wishes to you and yours.

Peace to all,
Chris Beachly and the Pro Shop Staff

Sun City Roseville Golf Pro Shop |
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Click here to see Timbers Restaurant Schedule and Menus during expansion

Jason Smith | SCR Food & Beverage Director |
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cornishchristmas2016_smallHappy Holidays!

Join us this Friday, December 16 for Cornish Christmas.It’s a short jaunt as we recapture the spirit of Christmas with charming surroundings in historic downtown Grass Valley. Enjoy an old fashioned Christmas with carolers, handmade arts & crafts and delicious food and drink. Bus departs at 4:00PM and returns to Sun City at 10:00PM. Cost is $32.00 per person.

Join us for Courier Days Monday, January 2 through Wednesday, January 4. We are kicking off the New Year with a toast to trips, travel and fun! Come enjoy a cup of coffee on the house and enter a free drawing to win a pair of champagne flutes and a bottle of Domaine Chandon. We’ll follow-up with a “Mix and Mingle” on Tuesday, February 14; join us from 11:00AM-Noon for Ghirardelli chocolate tasting and an opportunity to meet other fellow travelers. We’ll also have a free drawing for a day tour in San Francisco in March.

Registration has opened for a variety of January events, including onsite events and day tours. Start the New Year off with “Avanti” – A Two-Part Workshop – What to Do in Your Retirement Years hosted by Rosemary Marino, resident, Executive Coach and Career Consultant January 5 & January 19. Fee is $20.00 for both sessions. Please register this month.

Tickets are available for our first Speaker Series of the New Year. We’ll welcome back Marc Lapadula, Senior Lecturer at Yale University in the Film Studies Program as he presents “Greatest Films in American Cinema.” Your Activities Department is delighted to bring these presentations to the community, funded by the Sun City Roseville Foundation – working together to enhance and promote the Sun City Lifestyle!

010517_imax_smallWe’ve got an early bus out January 5, our annual trek to the Esquire IMAX Theater & Joe’s Crab Shack in Sacramento.  We’ll enjoy a double feature – “Great White Shark” and “The Last Reef.” Bus departs at 9:00AM; cost is $60.00 per person and includes a hosted lunch.  Please register in December.

We have just a few seats open for Snow Train I, scheduled for February 15-17, 2017. Please register by Monday, January 2. Flyers are available for the Monterey Bay Whale Watching Tour scheduled for March 14-15, 2017. Registration opens Friday, January 6 at the Activities Monitor Desk. Enjoy a short, relaxing overnight with your Activities Department.

Sharon Mowry | SCR Activities Director |
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wearable-technology-2Top 20 Worldwide Fitness Trends for 2017

Each year, thousands of fitness professionals are surveyed around the world and a list of fitness trends for the year is released. This year, wearable technology came out as the leading trend for 2017. Wearable technology includes activity trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors, and GPS tracking devices. Interestingly, smart glasses are also in this category which has predicted sales of $1.5 billion. Of note, this category of technology in relation to fitness is separate from smartphone exercise apps which ranked separately at 17 in the list of trends. As you shop for the fitness fanatic in your life this holiday season, consider getting them a piece of wearable fitness technology to keep them motivated in 2017. Here’s the complete list of trends for 2017:

  1. Wearable technology
  2. Body weight training
  3. High-intensity interval training
  4. Educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals
  5. Strength training
  6. Group training
  7. Exercise is Medicine®
  8. Yoga
  9. Personal training
  10. Exercise and weight loss
  11. Fitness programs for older adults
  12. Functional fitness
  13. Outdoor activities
  14. Group personal training
  15. Wellness coaching
  16. Worksite health promotion
  17. Smartphone exercise apps
  18. Outcome measurements
  19. Circuit training
  20. Flexibility and mobility rollers

Elaine Zilonka | SCR Fitness Director |
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wewantyouin Citizens Patrol

This is, after all, a senior community, and, as such, we experience constant resident turnover.  Occasionally, that dynamic seems to come in waves, and many times it thins out the ranks of our Citizen Patrol Volunteer (CPV) force.  As a result, we are currently having a really difficult time filling the slots.

This is a plea to all residents to give Citizens Patrol a look and consider joining.  The following will give you some insight about what you can expect and how we do what we do.


Many residents are surprised to learn that most of our Citizen Patrol Volunteers (CPVs) commit to only one 2.5 hour evening shift per month.

Because we are shorthanded, some CPVs are stepping up to do more than one shift per month.  But consider…if we doubled our force, each CPV would only have to commit to once every other month.

We schedule with the complete understanding that most CPVs are retired and active, travel, and occasionally get sick.  We try to assign CPVs to a stable given shift, such as every third Tuesday evening, but we also offer daytime patrol—which we want to increase—and an on-call pool from which we draw to replace CPVs who cannot come in due to vacations, and so on.

Just what is it CPVs do?

After being trained and provided a manual, and going out once with an experienced CPV, you and a partner—your spouse, a friend, or someone we found for you—will go out in one of our high visibility Toyota Rav4s.  Two others will go out in the other car.  Each pair covers half of our campus.

By high visibility, we mean they are orange—“hot lava” is what Toyota calls it—with a lit roof top sign.  You won’t be sneaking up on any knuckleheads, and we never put you in harm’s way.  We do not confront suspicious people or circumstances.  Rather, we are eyes and ears for the police; we observe and report.

One big focus is on ensuring that all garage doors are closed.  We close 150 per month on average, with 350 per month during the summer.  That may seem like an insignificant endeavor.  But, consider the opposite.  It would not take long for thieves to spread the word that, on any given night, they could find a half-dozen garages standing wide open over in Sun City.  We also ensure that it was not a medical emergency which rendered the resident unable to close the door.


Other than the warm and fuzzy feeling you will get knowing that you have given back to this wonderful community and have helped to keep people safe, crime low, and property values high, there is a breakfast each January.  The top 100 CPVs, in terms of their volunteer hours, enjoy the wonderful Timbers Restaurant full buffet breakfast, and keynote speeches from the president of our Board of Directors, and the chiefs of the Roseville Police and Fire Departments, all of whom will recognize your service and tell you how valuable you are as a CPV—because you are.

We need you.  We want you.  Please call with any questions.


I am always available to speak at your Neighborhood Watch meetings or Club meetings.

Important Phone Numbers
Emergency – Police or Fire – 911
Roseville Emergency from Cell Phones – 916-786-6444
Roseville Non-Emergency Police – 774-5000
Sun City After Hours Emergency – 789-0808

Neighborhood Watch Office – (8:00 AM – Noon)

Citizens Patrol Office – (8:00 AM – Noon)

P.J. Conradi | Director, NW/CP |
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What a fun year it’s been! I’ve enjoyed teaching the Website Workshop and getting to know more of the residents at Sun City. I look forward to meeting more of you as we continue striving to make our websites even better.

Many thanks to our Website Workgroup which meets the first Wednesday of every month at 9am in the Aspen Room. The residents who attend is our link to the community and its needs. Our next meeting is January 4 and everyone is welcome to attend.

The IT Department wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Betty Foley-Guerrero | Website Coordinator |
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