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Where Does the Money go and Why???

Attention home owners, it’s that time of year again!  Time to begin the process to prepare and approve the budget for the 2017 – 2018 Fiscal Year.  Dry stuff no doubt, but important to all if the end product will ensure that Sun City Roseville remains the “Premiere Adult Community in Northern California.” The objective – approve a budget that “covers all necessary operating expenses, capital asset additions, and replacement reserve contributions consistent with current economic conditions and forecasts.”

The most frequently asked questions pertaining to the budget seem to be: “will my annual assessment increase?”, “what do I get for what I give?” and “How will I know?”  For long term and new homeowners alike, there is good news!  There are many opportunities in the next 6 months for you to get answers to these questions by participating in public sessions that will review the proposed budget prepared by the Association’s Executive Director and staff and recommend a final version to the Board of Directors for approval.

It you really want to know what goes on behind the curtain, please join your friends and neighbors on the path to approval during the Finance Committee and Staff review of the Long Range Financial Goals and the Association’s Budget Guidelines for FY 2017 – 2018 on November 15th.   Once approved by the Board of Directors, the guidelines will serve as a framework to:

Look forward to meeting you as we begin the journey to give us all confidence in “where the money goes and why.”

Dave Lewis | Treasurer, SCR Board of Directors |
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Click here to read the November 2016 Golf Course Maintenance Report

Mark Gouger | Sun City Roseville Golf Pro |
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Click here to see Timbers Restaurant Schedule and Menus during expansion

Jason Smith | SCR Food & Beverage Director |
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Believe it or not, the holidays have arrived!

We have just a few seats left for the December 1-2, 2016 Reno Overnight.  Join us for an overnight with a dinner buffet and a holiday performance, “Miracle on 34th Street,” at the Eldorado Hotel & Casino. Registration is open for the January 16-22, 2017 Solvang to Palm Springs, CA Tour.  Registration for the Snow Train Tours opened November 4 and we are nearing full on both buses. Register soon! You may register at the Activities Desk Monday through Saturday from 7:30AM-9:00PM and Sundays from 10:00AM to 8:00PM.

November day tours are still open. Monday, November 21 will find us in Old Sacramento with a fascinating and entertaining tour of the underground tunnels and a hosted lunch at the popular Firehouse Restaurant.  Cost is $85.00 per person; bus departs at 9:30AM. Enjoy an afternoon in San Francisco on Tuesday, November 29 as we kick off the holidays with a visit to Union Square.  We’ll provide you with a complimentary Macy’s tote bag and 10% coupon when you board the bus.  Cost is $50.00 person; bus departs at 7:30AM.

We have added a second bus for the January 8, 2017 Cirque du Soleil-LUZIA performance under the Big Top at A T & T Park in San Francisco.  Registration is open for tickets; tickets are $135.00 per person and selling quickly. Why not purchase tickets as a holiday gift for your spouse, or a friend?

It’s not too early to plan your holiday outings.  We have several holiday events scheduled, including Beach Blanket Babylon Holiday Extravaganza in San Francisco, Global Winter Wonderland in Sacramento, the Singing Christmas Tree at the Capitol Christian Center, a tour of the new Carnegie Museum in Roseville decorated for the holidays, and Cornish Christmas.  Registration is now open!

We have plenty to help you enjoy the Sun City Lifestyle – come along and join us!

Sharon Mowry | SCR Activities Director |
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Check out some of the new classes in the Group Exercise Room. Try your first class for free and subsequent classes are $3 each or 20 classes for $40. Classes are drop-in, no need to register!

Cardio Dance: Dance your way into fitness with hits of yesterday and today in this fast moving cardiovascular class, Wednesdays at 12PM with Cindy

Therapeutic Yoga: Link your breath with movement in a way that will heal and change your body with a focus on a different part of the body in each class. Participants must be able to get up and down from the floor, Mondays at 3PM with Jody

Yoga Basics: Perfect for new yogis or those who want to focus their practice on the basic poses. Participants must be able to get up and down from the floor. 2:30PM on Tuesdays (with Arlene) and Thursdays (with Gina)

Yoga Flow: For the experienced yogi who wants to challenge their yoga practice with strength and stamina. Participants must be able to get up and down from the floor. Wednesdays at 2 PM with Cindy.

Tai Chi Yang Style: Learn the short form of the Yang style of Tai Chi. Beginners welcome. Tuesdays with Jody, beginning 11/29, at 11AM.

Elaine Zilonka | SCR Fitness Director |
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I hope you have wrapped up your Christmas shopping.  Pun intended.  But if you still need trips to the mall, here are a few safety tips.

  1. Shop with a friend, or several friends. There is safety in numbers.
  2. Scout the area where you will park for suspicious persons lurking about and watching. Park in well-lit areas, and/or as close as possible to the entrance.
  3. Any time you return to the car, have your antenna up (no, silly goose, not the car’s antenna) for knuckle- heads lurking and watching. If you become wary, go back inside and ask mall security to escort you.
  4. Have your keys at the ready to enable you to either hit the panic button, or promptly open your car. You don’t want to be setting your packages down and then fumbling around for your keys.
  5. If you bring packages back to the car, planning to go back into the mall for more shopping, lock the packages in the trunk, or otherwise cover them. Consider driving away, and returning to park elsewhere, so you appear to be an arriving shopper.
  6. Give children a plan for if you become separated. Absent cell phone communication, instruct them to stay put, to step into a store and contact a clerk, and to know you will look for them by going store-to-store where you last saw them.  Ensure they know their name, address, and phone number, or have it written down.
  7. Do not dress up. Sorry ladies, but expensive attire and bling are magnets for knuckleheads.  Carry only the charge cards and ID you will need for the day—in a front pocket.
  8. If you lose your credit or debit card, call the company or bank immediately, from the mall, so it will be declined. Thus, it is possible any knucklehead using it will get caught while still in the mall.  (Even if you don’t lose a card, check all your statements frequently to expose any fraud.)

Bonus Tip from Karen, Linda & I:  Take care of each other’s package deliveries, tell each other about travel plans, and have a Very Merry Christmas.

(This is a repeat of the December 2015 eCourier article)


I am always available to speak at your Neighborhood Watch meetings or Club meetings.

Important Phone Numbers
Emergency – Police or Fire – 911
Roseville Emergency from Cell Phones – 916-786-6444
Roseville Non-Emergency Police – 774-5000
Sun City After Hours Emergency – 789-0808

Neighborhood Watch Office – (8:00 AM – Noon)

Citizens Patrol Office – (8:00 AM – Noon)

P.J. Conradi | Director, NW/CP |
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The next Resident Website Workshop will be held on Tuesday, December 13, 1:30-2:30 in the Computer Room. We will go over all the information you didn’t know was there. This class is already half full so make sure you sign-up soon!

Betty Foley-Guerrero | Website Coordinator |
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