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The governance of the Sun City Roseville Community Association (SCRCA) is sometimes difficult to follow. The subjects on any given meeting agenda vary from policies concerning investments, finance, committee guidance, compliance, and design issues to hot button issues like the restaurant expansion and cell tower. Probably the most compelling reasons for your involvement are that governance involves your money, amenities, and future life style. Governance also entails the election of your Board directors, volunteering to serve on committees, and interfacing with the Association’s professional staff.

To some governance is important and to others less so. Let me speak for a moment to those in the “less so” category. Understandably, you may have moved here to retire, relax, and rejoice. None of those three objectives necessarily fit closely with serving on, observing of, or critiquing governance activities. That is understandable. Conversely, that means those who think governance is important are running the show. Of course, that may be all right as well.

Governance touches all aspects of your Sun City life. These aspects include varied amenities, facilities, and activities. No doubt, you are aware of debates concerning residence assessment increases. Probably all of us prefer to pay as little as possible. That said, many factors contribute to potential assessment increases. Inflation, wage increases, rising food costs, higher utility rates, and legislative requirements are a few of these factors. To say successive Boards struggle mightily with these demons would be an understatement. One such factor is the recent legislative increase in the minimum wage.

The first step in holding down assessments is emphasizing cost control. The Board, staff, and committees stress cost control on an everyday basis. One ongoing factor in Association cost is electrical usage. To date, the Association has addressed this by converting to LED lighting, sensor switches, and the installation of power reducing modernization. In this particular area, the next step is the use of solar power. A decision to do so requires a resident vote. The decision for such use involves weighing the benefit of potential savings and ecological friendliness. Are potential savings significant? Yes. A recent proposal cites a savings potential over 10 years in excess of 2.3 million dollars, savings over 20 years of over 5.5 million dollars, and savings over 40 years of over 16.1 million dollars. Such savings more than offset any assessment upturn required to compensate for the recent minimum wage increase. Governance, therefore, is the accumulation of all of our efforts directed toward the Association’s collective goals.

Don Treichler | President, SCR Board of Directors |
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Here are a few things to look for in August:

Follow your favorite golf course, Timber Creek, on Facebook.

If you have any questions contact the Timber Creek Golf Shop and let us know how we can better serve you.

Mark Gouger | Sun City Roseville Golf Pro |
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Click here to see Timbers Restaurant Schedule and Menus during expansion

Jason Smith | SCR Food & Beverage Director |
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Grandparent Days “Space City to the Moon and Back” will take place July 26 & 27.  Please visit the Activities Monitor Desk for events/activities that are still open for registration.  Registration will close Friday, July 15.

Registrations for day trips are brisk – don’t miss out!

Seats are still available for Red Hawk on Tuesday, July 19.  Bus departs at 9:00AM.  Price is $25.00 per person and includes $15.00 in slot play. The remaining July bus trips are Sold Out!

Sales are brisk for August but it’s not too late!  Seats are available for San Francisco – choose to spend the afternoon at Union Square or Fisherman’s Wharf, your choice, on Wednesday, August 3.  Price is $55.00 per person; bus departs at 7:30AM.  Thursday, August 11 we’ll travel to Mettler Vineyards located in Lodi where some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon’s, Petite Sarah’s and Zinfandel’s are produced!  Price is $75.00 per person and includes a hosted buffet lunch at the winery; bus departs at 8:30AM.  Enjoy a Sunday matinee August 14, with a Broadway Sacramento performance, “Nice Work If You Can Get It.”  Tickets are $85.00 per person; bus departs at 1:30PM.

Have you ever had a “Behind-the-Scenes” Tour of AT & T Stadium?  Join us Tuesday, August 16 for a tour of this spectacular ballpark, home to the San Francisco Giants, with a stop and Budweiser Brewery Tour at Anheuser Busch on the way home. Tickets are $72.00 per person; bus departs at 7:30AM.  Speaking of ball games, don’t miss the last River Cats game, Thursday, August 18 as they take on the Iowa Cubs. Tickets are $45.00 person – it’s Thirsty Thursday night ($2.00 beers)!  Wednesday, August 24 we’ll visit the new Sunset Gardens facility located in Sonoma.  Seats are $85.00 per person and include a hosted lunch; bus departs at 7:30AM.  Lastly, escape the valley heat with a trip to beautiful Lake Tahoe on Tuesday, August 30.  The trip includes a visit to the Tahoe Maritime Museum and a hosted lunch at Jake’s On-The-Lunch.  Seats are $95.00 per person; bus departs at 7:30AM.

We have just a few seats left to the Great Reno Balloon Race & International Camel Races.

Registration is currently open for the Eastern Sierra Tour, scheduled for October 8-13, 2016.  Please register at the Activities Monitor Desk Monday through Saturday from7:30AM-9:00PM or Sundays from 10:00AM to 8:00PM.

Come along and join us!

Sharon Mowry | SCR Activities Director |
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Here are a few dates to remember regarding the Fitness Center:

The locker room remodel has been moved to May 2017 due to the amount of projects already scheduled within the Association in the month of September.

Elaine Zilonka | SCR Fitness Director |
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How Aging Affects Driving

My hope is that you read this and either become the messenger, or look in the mirror, and earnestly contemplate the consequences of even a minor collision.  Minimal injuries can be debilitating for seniors, and no one wants to have caused injuries to others.  Aging tends to result in a reduction of strength, coordination, flexibility, vision, hearing, motor reflexes, and/or cognitive abilities, any of which can adversely impact driving skills.  Self-assessment can be very difficult, but here are some considerations.

When you drive, are you actively thinking that driving is a full time job, that you are supposed to looking, listening and driving defensively, or do you let your mind wander?

Has anyone recently told you that your driving was unsafe?  Have cars suddenly appeared out of nowhere, or blared their horns?  Have you discovered scrapes or dents, the cause which you cannot explain?

Is it possible you have vision deficits?  Do you need to slow down or get closer to street signs in order to see them?  Are there changes in you peripheral or night vision?  Are your eyes more sensitive to light?  Can you hear other car engines?  Motorcycles?  Sirens?  Can you still easily look over your shoulder?

Do you find it difficult to map out a route, and/or to find those exits?  Have you missed familiar exits?  Do you get frustrated or angry?

Maybe you should discuss such things with someone who loves you.  Maybe you should be the emissary.  But, what can be done?

In my 30 year police career, I saw much anguish and regret result from ill-advised driving practices.  My desire is that you suffer neither.


I am always available to speak at your Neighborhood Watch meetings or Club meetings.

Important Phone Numbers
Emergency – Police or Fire – 911
Roseville Emergency from Cell Phones – 916-786-6444
Roseville Non-Emergency Police – 774-5000
Sun City After Hours Emergency – 789-0808

Neighborhood Watch Office – (8:00 AM – Noon)

Citizens Patrol Office – (8:00 AM – Noon)

P.J. Conradi | Director, NW/CP |
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Your Resident Website is the go-to place to get all the happenings in your community. In order to keep everyone informed of the Timbers restaurant and lounge expansion, we created a page with the restaurant and construction schedules, Timbers menus available during the remodel, and the Sierra Pines Deli menu and hours. Click here to view page.

Betty Foley-Guerrero | Website Coordinator |
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Sun City Roseville Goose Patrol

A group of volunteer residents you may not be aware of, their dogs and a few tools of the trade, who don’t get a lot of recognition for a job well done here in Sun City Roseville is the Goose Patrol.  They are the unsung heroes who have controlled the former migratory Canada geese or “Renegade Geese” who set up residency 12 months out of the year at SCRCA rather than migrate. The Goose Patrol now has these birds migrating once again and because these populations are now controlled, new residents to SCRCA don’t know of the yeoman efforts these volunteers make on a daily basis. In fact their efforts are at times treated unfortunately very rudely by residents rather than applauded.  They should be applauded.  Let me give you a bit of background.

Increasing Canada geese populations had become a big problem here in Sun City Roseville and also throughout the United States and Canada.  By nature, Canada geese split their time between the USA and its northern neighbor, migrating south in the winter and returning to Canada in the late spring to breed and nest.  But in the past few decades, being a federally protected migratory bird, the number of geese staying in the USA all year and not migrating has soared being lured by large expanses of lush landscaped turf, safe water bodies, few predators, hunting restrictions, and fueled by a high reproduction rate.

Sun City Roseville in 2006 had become a permanent home for some 350-550 Canada geese.  These populations even increased when other migrating geese set down to raise their young.  The abundance at SCRCA of grass, water bodies and nesting habitat had become too tempting for them to leave and fly back to Canada so they took up permanent residence here. Large flocks began wandering the golf course fairways and our open space on a daily basis pooping and pooping and pooping and pooping.  It was a mess of feces strewn all over and the scent wasn’t much better.  It was difficult in fact to enjoy a nice summer evening if you lived near a body of water at SCRCA.

A Canada goose can live up to 24 years.  They mate for life and if they loose a mate they will often find another. Geese typically return to the same nesting and birth site every year. Adult geese eat up to 4 pounds of grass daily and each one drops up to 2 pounds of fecal matter a day (400 geese=800 pounds of poop daily).  The spread of disease and bacterial infections has been linked by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention to Canada geese fecal matter. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service also estimated in 2006 that Canada geese populations can increase between 12-17% on an annual basis. 

This all added up to an ever increasing problem for Sun City Residents that needed to be solved.

Early efforts in 2003-2005 were less than successful in controlling the populations. Using a federal permit, nesting eggs began to be oiled annually by residents to prevent the embryo from developing.  Known predator models were used in places the geese resident such as floating alligators in ponds and perched owls in trees to make them feel uncomfortable. An attempt to use ropes, staked low, around the ponds to make it difficult for the flocks to land and take off was also deployed.  Still the geese populations and fecal matter and foul odor increased.  Conditions were bad for residents and golfers.  Hole 9 of the Lakes was strewn with poop from the geese.

The solution was the formation of the Goose Patrol in 2006.  Armed with a special permit from the City of Roseville which allowed the use of an off leash dog on property a group of resident volunteers was formed to employ a variety of harassment techniques to encourage the geese to leave Sun City Roseville and enjoy life elsewhere.

The Goose Patrol was organized to work closely with Golf Course Maintenance.  Headed by Betty Petersen-Stroot and her husband Don the group has done an incredible job of getting the geese to migrate as they were meant to do.

Harassment methods that are used by the Goose Patrol and also approved by animal protection groups as well as Fish and Wildlife include the use of model motorized boats, safe lasers, water cannons that shoot streams of water and the presence of their dogs.  It is now quite common for the volunteers and their dogs just to be seen by the geese before they fly away, off our property.

The results over the years have been amazing.  Populations vary over the course of the year but flocks don’t soar much over 10-15 members in select areas and fecal matter accumulation on the golf course and near our front pond are way down.  Many Canada geese are now just visitors on their migratory route back to Canada and no longer permanent residents.  It has been this way since around 2008.  Quite a record for an unsung group

So if you are a new resident at SCRCA and you see one, or two people with dog, or a motor boat, or golf car harassing the geese… rather than getting mad and yelling at them…applaud their efforts.  They have cleaned up SCRCA and maintained it as such for over 8 years- where summer evenings are now enjoyable.

It has never been our intent to eliminate the Canadian geese, just control them, and instill in them their god given trait to migrate.  The Goose Patrol has done just that over an 8 year span without injuring any geese!

If you are interested in assisting them please contact Jim Ferrin, Golf Course Superintendent at

Jim Ferrin | Golf Course Superintendent |

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