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I’m going to write on three subjects for my article this time and they are my opinion only, enjoy:

Love is in the air:
The month of February is not just the month to celebrate our past Presidents
(Washington and Lincoln) Birthdays, but should also be for showing our appreciation and love to our sole mate. Not just on Valentine’s Day. Let’s do it the whole month by helping each other with daily tasks, making a special meal, going on a trip or just enjoying the day with your special partner or sole mate. Life is too short and we should enjoy every minute of it every day for the rest of our life on this planet. We’re still on this side of the dirt, so be happy, kind to others and enjoy the moment; enjoy life. February is the shortest month of the year, so we should be able to do this without any problem. So lets do it! Love each other and life!

Vacancies on the Board:
There will be two openings on the Board of Directors this year. Any of our community residents, who are in good standing, can step up and put their name in to be a Director for our community. I did it because I was asked to almost 3 years ago and I haven’t regretted it once. Sure we have had some ups and downs, but it has given me a better insight of how this community operates and the part the Board plays in it’s daily operation. The Past Directors have done an outstanding job of governing this fine community, after the Developer turned it over to the Residents almost twenty years ago. It’s not just the seven volunteer board members that do all the work. There are also over a hundred Board Sub Committee Volunteers behind the scene. And another hundred plus of the Association Staff including the Executive Director, Earl Wiklund.

Our community is considered a “Great Community” thanks to all the residents on the Board and Sub Committees who have stepped up to be volunteers. I can’t speak for other community volunteers, but I’m glad I accepted the challenge because I have found that I learned a lot about the likes and wants of our community and I have met a lot of good residents as a director.

Don’t forget to set some time aside in mid May, 2016 to celebrate our 20th Anniversary with us. More information is coming out later. Thanks

It’s that time of the year to ask yourself, do I care about this wonderful community of ours, do I like the way it’s being run? If your answer is No to any of the two questions, this is your time to let yourself be known by stepping up an becoming a volunteer for one of our eleven sub committees for the Association Board or becoming a Board for Director to this beautiful community of ours. We need you and your ideals, please consider volunteering. This is your community too and it’s a Great One. Vi and I love it here and don’t plan on moving.

There will be an Informational Meeting on April 5th, 2016 from 10am to noon in the partial Ballroom to ask any questions about the sub communities and the Board. Please put this down on your calendar to attend. Thank you.

The End
Dan Arriola

Dan Arriola | Director, SCR Board of Directors |
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Here are a few things to look for in March.

Follow your favorite golf course, Timber Creek, on Facebook @

If you have any questions contact the Timber Creek Golf Shop and let us know how we can better serve you.

Mark Gouger | Sun City Roseville Golf Pro |
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Jason Smith | SCR Food & Beverage Director |
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The Timber Creek Lodge Refurbishment is underway! The Lodge will be closed Monday, February 15 through Monday, February 29. Please refer to the Lodge Closure Flyer for various Association business operations. The Timber Creek Lodge will open for a short period on Tuesday, February 16 for the Furniture Sale. Sale hours are 9:00AM-11:00AM; as a reminder, you must have your Member Association Card and you may pay by Cash or Check only. Tuesday, March 1, the Timber Creek Lodge will open with a “Grand Reveal”. Please join us!

During the closure, you may register for day tours at the Fitness Center Monitor Desk. Simply complete a registration form and put it in the drop box, or you may register on the resident website through Online Registration (day trips & Lodge events). Registration is open through April 1 for the “Trails of Oregon” Tour, scheduled for May 4-10. There are only 6 seats left; don’t wait too long if you are interested. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or Christine should you have any questions or need assistance. We will continue to be up and running with buses on the road!

The Sun City Roseville Foundation will host its annual Bingo, Sunday, March 13 in the Timber Creek Ballroom. Your Fine Arts & Creative Arts Clubs will host their annual 2016 Show & Sale Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20 in the Timber Creek Ballroom.

Tickets are on sale for the Monday, March 14 performance “Songs From a Suitcase”, a cabaret style performance with Mike & Ella and their 3-piece combo. Please note, this is one of three times of the year that Courier Days fall a bit later – Monday, March 7. Tickets will be available beginning Monday, March 7 for the quarterly Speaker Series, with Shari Fitzpatrick, founder of Shari’s Berries. You will be in for a special treat! Friday, April 22 we will host Comedian Cary Long for a clean, funny, and must go see show!

You may currently register for March day trips (Reminder-during the closure you will register in the Fitness Center). Seats are available for Thursday, March 3 – Canine Tour. Seats are $76.00 per person and include a hosted lunch. Bus departs at 8:00AM. Wednesday, March 9, join us for a “Farm to Fork” at Chops in Folsom. Seats are $75.00 per person, and also include an excursion with the Placerville & Sacramento Valley Railroad. Bus departs at 8:00AM. Friday, March 25 we’ll make the short jaunt to Feather Falls Casino; seats are $23.00 per person and include $12.00 in slot money and a $3.00 food credit. Bus departs at 8:30AM. Thursday, March 31, climb aboard for a whimsical day as we make various fun stops in Woodland. Seats are $75.00 per person and include a hosted lunch.

Join us on Friday, April 1 for our first Mystery Day Tour – I can’t give you the details, but I can assure you it will be fun and adventurous.

As a reminder, Courier Days fall late in March (Monday, March 7 through Wednesday, March 9). Please look at the Activities RSVP dates and be sure to register as early as possible.

Please be sure to visit the Village Courier for additional trip information and details. Come along and join us!

Sharon Mowry | SCR Activities Director |
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In January, we welcomed two new trainers to our Fitness Team. Eileen specializes in mobility issues, stroke recovery, knee and hip replacement (pre and post-op), spinal fusions, arthritis, rotator cuff issues, etc., and she has been a trainer since 1990. Leslie brings 26 years of experience to us with extensive experience working with seniors with multiple limitations and disabilities as well as clients with athletic goals and objectives. Leslie will also be subbing water and group exercise classes in your Fitness Center. Training sessions are $25 for 30 minutes and $45 for an hour. Sessions can be booked directly through the trainers; Eileen can be reached at 415-272-2794 and Leslie at 650-438-1072. Both are certified by nationally accredited certification programs and we’ve already received multiple compliments regarding their professionalism and skill level. Feel free to introduce yourself when you see them in the Fitness Center.

Exercise of the Month
One of the most functional exercises is a sit to stand. Starting from a seated position in a sturdy chair with your feet on the floor, press into a standing position without using the assistance of your hands if possible. Then return, with control, to a seated position and repeat. You may find that until you are strong enough, you’ll need the assistance of your hands. Eventually work up to 10-15 repetitions, rest, and repeat. Try to do sit to stands every other day. The exercise can be made more difficult by holding weight or doing a staggered stance with one foot slightly in front of the other. The sit to stand is an exercise that is functional which means that the training effect will help you maintain the ability to do activities of daily living where you have to be able to get up from a seated position and transfer your weight (getting out of a deep, soft sofa, a toilet, etc.). If there’s one exercise that you start doing this year, make it the sit to stand.

Elaine Zilonka | SCR Fitness Director |
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Checking Your Blind Spot
My purpose here is to describe the correct method for adjusting your right side-view mirror to enable adequate vision of a vehicle in your blind spot.

The triangle in the diagram represents the field of view you want to achieve when adjusting your right side-view mirror, which is that to the right side and rear of your car. Many people think, incorrectly, they are supposed to be able to see the actual right side of their own car.

One easy way to accomplish this right side-view mirror adjustment is to locate a parked car which affords you space ahead of it and to its left, such as on a quiet street or in a parking lot. Then, position your car such that the parked car is in your “blind spot,” as shown in the diagram.

Next, adjust your right side-view mirror such that you can see the right side of your car, and then move it out, in small increments, until you can see both headlights of the other car. Then adjust it up and down such that you can also see the windshield. TuhDaw!! — the perfect position.

From time to time, as you stop in traffic and there are cars in the lane to your right, check the field of view of your right side-view mirror, and re-adjust it as needed.

Of course, the whole purpose if this mirror adjustment is to allow you to safely change into the lane to your right. These steps should accomplish that effort:

  1. Check your right side-view mirror. If it reveals a car in the field of view, which is your blind spot, you know you cannot move.
  2. When there is no car in the field of view, put on your right turn signal.
  3. Then crane your neck around to the right to double check, not for a car, but for a motorcycle. If you can assure yourself there is no motorcycle there with which you might collide, you have assured yourself there is no car there, and you can safely move into that lane.

How’s This for a Nice Segue
The keynote speaker for the March 14th CP/NW meeting will be a Senior Driver Ombudsman from the DMV. He is also a Driver Safety Manager. See you there.

I am always available to speak at your Neighborhood Watch meetings or Club meetings.

Important Phone Numbers
Emergency – Police or Fire – 911
Roseville Emergency from Cell Phones – 916-786-6444
Roseville Non-Emergency Police – 774-5000
Sun City After Hours Emergency – 789-0808

Neighborhood Watch Office – (8:00 AM – Noon)

Citizens Patrol Office – (8:00 AM – Noon)

P.J. Conradi | Director, Neighborhood Watch/Citizens Patrol |
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The first Resident Website Workshop was held on February 9th, and it was a packed room! We went over basics such as how to log onto the Resident Website, and how to get into your profile and update information. We briefly covered the menu and most popular pages on the website.

If you missed the first class, have no fear! We will be holding another session sometime in the following months. If you already took the class, you are more than welcome to take it again. Information will be posted after the next date is finalized.

Betty Foley-Guerrero | Website Coordinator |
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Safety and your Sun City Staff
Did you know…our staff is trained in safety. All managers and supervisors are 1st Aid/CPR/AED trained as required by state and federal laws.

Did you know…we conduct regular safety meetings with staff in each department.

Did you know…our safety record is extremely good. We have very few injuries and accidents reported each year.

Did you know…we have a safety coordinator in each department to ensure accidents and injuries are handled with care and to ensure the immediate attention to the injured employee.

Now you know…the staff at Sun City Roseville is all about providing a safe work environment and working safely while at work.

Alesia McCrory | Human Resources Director |
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